At Novus, our love for design and our passion for creativity lie at the heart of everything that we do.

We are committed to helping you envision, design, and build unique and creative spaces that complement the natural elements of your property, transforming your home for years to come.

Steamboat Springs is a place with a diverse range of natural features, and no two properties are alike. Our design team will meet with you to understand the elements we can naturally incorporate into your landscape, taking your existing property and improving it with unparalleled passion. With our experience comes a commitment to building unique features that will last throughout the seasons.

When you choose Novus for your maintenance needs, you’ll get the added expertise of our design team. We are constantly assessing our properties to understand how we can better improve the design of the landscape—after all, transformation is at the heart of everything we do. Our intimate knowledge of the local landscape allows us to make your property a spectacular work of art that improves as time goes by.

Novus is here to share our decades of design experience with you. Let us show you how great design leads to landscape projects that stand the test of time. Reach out to us today to see the work we’ve done—once you compare our work to our competition, you’ll understand why so many clients choose Novus.